Wilderness & 4×4 Trails in South Africa

Choose from Wilderness and Game walks, Hiking,  Canoeing and guided 4×4 self-drive Trails.

Letaba 4×4 trail:

Departing from Phalaborwa, and running though Letaba Ranch, just north of Phalaborwa, including the area between the Great and Little Letaba Rivers.  This is a game-rich Big5 area, and self-drive, guided trailists are able to choose between bush camping along the rivers, or accommodation in Ntomeni Tented Camp.  The trail is a 3 night adventure.

Luvuvhu 4×4 trail

Departing from Phalaborwa, the trail first covers the Letaba ranch area, before moving north into the beautiful Makuya Park. This is a 4-night bush-camping experience, and people experienced in this type of travelling say that there is no other multi-day 4×4 trip in South Africa where you will see more game.  The trail ends at Kruger’s Pafuri Gate.

Makuya Park 4×4 Trail

Departs from Punda Maria, one of Kruger’s northern gates, and explores Makuya Park. Trailists have the option of camping wild on the banks of the Luvuvhu River, or staying each night at Singo Tented Camp, with its spectacular views across the park.  This is a three night trip, ending at Pafuri.

Great Limpopo 4×4 Trail

The most comprehensive 4×4 trip available in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.  It starts in Phalaborwa and enters the Letaba Ranch sector. After crossing the Letaba Rivers it continues up the fence-line with Kruger to Makuya Park. Trailists then enter Kruger at Pafuri, and cross into Mozambique. They follow the Limpopo River and enter Parque Nacionale do Limpopo at Mapai, and head south through the fever trees and sandveld, camping wild along the Shingwedzi River. The trail re-enters South Africa at Giriyondo Border Post (at the same level as Letaba rest camp and Phalaborwa). This is an 8-night trip.  (Essentially the trip is a combination of the Luvuvhu and the original Shingwedzi 4×4 trails.)

Letaba Wilderness Trail

Providing guests with an opportunity to camp at LeHlaba campsite in Letaba Ranch and spend their mornings and afternoons walking along the Groot and Klein Letaba Rivers, as well as into the mopai bush of Letaba Ranch. With armed guide and armed ranger there is every possibility of encountering the Big 5, because this area is adjacent to, and unfenced from Kruger National Park. Tents and catering is provided.

Trails in Mozambique’s Parque Nacional do Limpopo (PNL)

On the Rio Elefantes Canoeing Trail (3 nights and 4 days) you paddle the Elefantes – between the confluence of the Shingwedzi and the confluence of the Limpopo. Spend three days journeying down the Rio Elefantes, camping wild in rustic bush camps on its tree-lined banks. A cast for tiger fish, a pod of hippo or the sighting of a rare bird will enthral you on your 50km journey that ends close to the confluence with the Limpopo – the epitome of freedom in an amazing wilderness area.