Luvuvhu 4×4 Trail (6 Nights)

Transfrontier Parks & Reserves, Greater Kruger National Park

This trail is no longer part of the TFPD portfolio. We leave the information online as information for future explorers. 


We’ve consistently received requests that trailists are given longer to rest and relax in the bush, and enjoy the environment, especially in Makuya Park.

To cater for this interest, we are now offering a limited number of departures for the Luvuvhu Special, an exciting safari 4×4 route in South Africa with a 6-night itinerary that includes 2 nights south, and 4 nights in the north. The 4 nights is Makuya Park only cover two camps, reducing ‘pack-up and move’ pressure.


Trailists need to be fully self-sufficient with low-range, high-clearance 4×4 vehicles (soft-riders can’t get through this territory). Bring your own camping equipment, food and drinks (no water is provided for cooking or drinking). The lead guide has his own vehicle, and 2-way radios are provided for all vehicles on the trail.

You will also be required to arrange your own accommodation for the night before the trail begins at a location that will allow sufficient time to get to the meeting point.

Vehicle types:

The terrain is such that it is suited only to off-road 4×4 vehicles with off-road trailers, must be equipped with low range transmission and have good ground clearance. 4×4 “soft roaders” or vehicles with low profile tyres are not suitable. Vehicles should be given a long distance service before the trail.

Equipment and Supplies:

No camping equipment is supplied.
Trailists must for safety considerations sleep in a tent.
Trailists must be totally self sufficient for the duration of the trail. This includes all fuel, food, water, firewood, camping gear, cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery etc.
No waste may be burned or left in the Park therefore you should have strong plastic bags available to manage waste effectively.

Where to Stay:

Feedback from people who have done this trail is that it’s best enjoyed if suitable accommodation has been booked close to the start and end points so that no-one’s rushing arrival or departure. These are the options we recommend:

Before the trail starts: Mtomeni Safari Camp, Letaba Ranch

After the trail ends: Mutale Falls in Makuya park, Awelani Lodge at Pafuri Gate


Day 1

Meet in Phalaborwa for 11h30 departure to Letaba Ranch (a Limpopo provincial reserve that is unfenced from Kruger National Park).  Camp at Baderoukwe campsite in the south of the Reserve.

kruger 4x4 trail

Day 2

Drive north to Letaba River, follow river and exit Letaba Ranch at main gate. Drive to campsite on the banks of the Little Letaba River.

Day 3

Make your way to Makuya Park (a Limpopo provincial reserve) by driving north along the Kruger National Park western boundary. Enter Makuya Park through a service gate and proceed to Lambwe campsite along the Luvuvhu river.

Day 4

Relax today in your campsite with the possibility of seeing animals coming down for a drink at the river and a listening to and viewing a big variety of birds.  Accompany the armed ranger on short walks into the bush, and up along the cliffs.

Day 5

Being refreshed, continue with your trail along the banks of the Luvuvhu river, in the process crossing a number of mountains, enjoying breathtaking views along the way. Camp further along the Luvuvhu River at Pandembile.

Day 6

Visit places like World View, Luvuvhu Gorge and Mutale Falls. Return to camp at Pandembile for your last, glorious night in the bush.

worlds view

Day 7

Complete the trail by either exiting the Park at its main entrance or Pafuri (depending on the level of the Mutale river).