Cultural Camps

TFPD no longer manages any of the African Ivory Route camps. They are run directly by their owner co-operative and remain wonderful places to visit. This information remains online for traveler and trade information.  Please contact directly for the latest information.

Located in communities and reserves near Kruger National Park, our cultural camps afford travellers the opportunity to experience local traditions, foods and places of interest. Our camps are also excellent places for outdoor activities, with hiking, rock climbing and trail running a few of the other things guests are able to do.

baleni camp

Baleni Cultural Camp

Klein Letaba River, Limpopo

Baleni Cultural Camp is an environmental wonder where nature, economy and spiritualism have a rich integration. With an economy strongly dependent on traditional salt-mining, visiting Baleni allows travellers the opportunity to see how modern people integrate ancient traditions into their 21st century lives.

Blouberg Cultural Camp

Blouberg Mountains, Limpopo

Situated in the southern foothills of the Blouberg Mountains, Blouberg Cultural Camp provides a starting point for rock climbers and foothill hikes for visitors wanting to explore the yellow-wood forest. The camp is also popular with birders because it provides access to the nearby Blouberg Reserve with its famous Cape Vulture colonies.

fundudzi cultural camp

Fundudzi Cultural Camp

Luaname Mountains, Limpopo

Nestled at the foot of the Luaname Mountains, Fundudzi Cultural Camp is in the heart of traditional Venda territory. This is an ideal place from which to explore a region famed for its sacred places and exciting outdoor activities, including bike riding, 4×4 trails and birding.

mafefe cultural camp

Mafefe Cultural Camp

Near Legalameetse Nature Reserve

Accessible only by 4×4, patient driving rewards the driver for the slow trip with magnificent scenery and an unparalleled environment for hiking, mountain biking and enjoying the great outdoors at Mafefe Cultural Camp. Mafefe is the perfect spot from which to base day-trips in the surrounding mountains.