About Us

Transfrontier Parks Destinations (TFPD) is a consortium of like-minded associates who are business-oriented social entrepreneurs. We are well-qualified with in-depth experience in finance, marketing, safari activities and hospitality management.

Working in Southern Africa’s Transfrontier Peace Parks and adjacent areas, we are passionate about the development of a viable and sustainable tourism industry that balances the needs of the local community with those of nature.

Our commitment is to the creation of a sustainable business model that becomes an asset for the local communities. We believe that this can be achieved when:

  • All actions are based on respect for nature and people
  • Business is managed with sound financial principles
  • The needs of the local communities, and their development, are given priority
  • Resources are used carefully, sustainably and never to the detriment of nature.

What we do:

We develop and manage world-class, community-owned tourist destinations that benefit the local communities. Our tourist destinations and activities in Southern Africa’s Transfrontier Peace Parks and Limpopo Province  are environmentally sustainable and ecologically sound.

We identify opportunities with Southern Africa’s Transfrontier Parks and Conservation areas to create or re-develop tourist-based businesses

  • We bring together the teams to design and construct the Lodge
  • We develop and execute a marketing plan that includes both international, trade and local marketing, media, public relations and advertising
  • We identify the staffing requirements, hire and train the people
  • We remain responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Lodge
  • We run a central reservations facility, with online access
  • We maintain full financial control of development and operational funds
  • We keep a formal and informal channel of communication with the officials of the local community
  • We identify and support local social development projects, and leverage the support of our guests.

Current operations

!Xaus Lodge opened in July 2007, and with only 24 beds, !Xaus Lodge has generated more than R7,5 million in income for the Gordonia area. Owned by the ‡Khomani San and Mier communities, and hailed by tourism authorities as a flagship destination, the economic value of !Xaus Lodge lies in the ethical business principles that generate a steady and growing income for the community owners and the area. Winner of the 2010 Imvelo Awards for Responsible Tourism (Best Practice Economic Impact).

Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge is an iconic South African destination. Started in the 1970s, and owned by the Batlokloa community, the Lodge is a Development Project for TFPD. With donor funds committed, the project is currently in a redevelopment phase. Current work onsite include both the revamping of the existing infrastructure, as well as the creation of additional facilities. Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge is open for business, and is fully booked most week-ends.

outdoor braai at awelani lodge

Awelani Lodge is located just 12 km’s from Kruger National Park’s Pafuri Gate on the R525, offering excellent accommodation for visitors in a 1700 hector conservancy. The lodge offers self-catering chalets as well as camping sites and an on-site restaurant and pub.