!Xaus Lodge have received the coveted FTTSA certification. FTTSA (Fair Trade in Tourism in Southern Africa) is a quality management system that has assessed the Lodge’s performance on the following factors, considered important to Fair Trade:

1. Legal and General Requirements
2. Labour Standards
3. Human Resource Practice
4. Skills Development
5. Employment Equity
6. Ownership & Control
7. Procurement
8. Community / Social Investment
9. Cultural Sensitivity
10. Environmental Management & Conservation
11. Health & Safety
12. Quality & Reliability
13. Workplace Culture

14. HIV/AIDS & Related Issues

“The reason were have worked so hard to get this certification”, says Glynn O’Leary, CEO of Transfrontier Parks Destinations, management operators are !Xaus Lodge, “is that it confirms that !Xaus Lodge, a community-owned destination, operates at the best practice levels expected of all commercial tourism destinations.”